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SEO is the technique of having natural site visitors from most important Search Engines like Google Yahoo Bing. To problematic further, it’s far a technique to benefit loose traffic from Search engine effects on centred keywords by using optimizing your web pages as consistent with the hints of Search Engines. It is non paid technique of getting traffic / Visitors for your website. SEO is done to rank as excessive as feasible within the Search Engines on targeted key phrases in order that we get maximum site visitors.

On Page SEO

  • High-quality page content: Content is the king, provide high-quality content to your website to rank high in search engine.
  • Keyword Placement: Search the keyword using keyword analysis tools and placed the keyword at the title tag, heading tag, alt, content and meta description.
  • Page Titles: The title of all pages of your website should be unique and targeted your main keyword within the word limit 50-60 words.
  • Headers: Use only one h1 heading with your keyword. use the right formate of headings.
  • Meta descriptions: Meta description should be a unique and short description of your targeting page with the word limit 160.
  • Image alt-text: Use alt and title to your all images with the using of your page keyword.
  • Structured mark-up: Structure mark-up tell the search engine about your page.
  • Page URLs and Internal linking: Right format of internal page URL using the keyword and internal linking with anchor text.
  • Mobile responsiveness: How to make your site according to the mobile-friendly algorithm and rank higher in the search engine.
  • Site speed: How to increase your site speed by optimizing your website image, CSS, HTML coding, and javascript.
  • Using various tools for SEO techniques: How to use various tools to increase the visibility of your site on search engine like google webmaster, google analytics, keyword planner and so on.
  • Canonical Tags, Favicon, Redirection, .htaccess File?

Off Page SEO

  • Link Building is King with do follow and no follow attribute.
  • Types of Link Building like natural links, manually build links, self-created links.
  • Benefits of Social Media Power
  • Blog Commenting
  • Guest Posting
  • Forums Posting
  • Build Trust
  • Incorporate Videos and Images
  • Laying out your internal pages
  • How to Get Relevant, Authority and User-Friendly Backlinks
  • Broken Link Acquisition
  • Competitor Research

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