SMO Training

Social Media become the most powerful tools in marketing for promoting your businesses, products & services to a wide variety of targeted audiences. You can target your audience via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.

SMO Training Sections

  • What is Social Media?
  • How does your company need Social Media?
  • Use Social media to build your firm name?
  • Describing and Performing Social Media Marketing.
  • Various modes of Social Media Marketing.
  • SEO techniques for Social Media promotion.

Facebook Training Sections

  • Creating Strong Profiles on Facebook
  • Creating Pages & Groups
  • Increasing Engagements
  • Product Brand Promotion Activities
  • Paid Advertising on Facebook
  • Campaign Designing & Strategizing
  • Branding Techniques Via Facebook
  • Facebook Marketing Apps
  • Facebook Mini Website Apps
  • How to Acquire Leads through FB

LinkedIn Training Sections

  • Creating Strong Profiles on LinkedIn
  • Company Pages
  • Product Brand Promotion Activities
  • Lead Generation Tips
  • Branding on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Marketing Apps
  • Paid Marketing Campaigning

Twitter Training Sections

  • How Twitter Search Works
  • Increasing Brand Awareness through Tweets
  • Increasing Followers on Twitter
  • Product Brand Promotion Activities
  • How @-mention works
  • Twitter Cards

YouTube Training Sections

  • Uploading and Managing Videos
  • Creating Channels
  • YouTube Video Engagement
  • Understanding Interaction Rate
  • YouTube Paid Marketing for Branding
  • YouTube paid Marketing for Leads

Pinterest Training Sections

  • How it Works
  • Creating Boards
  • Uploading Pics

Integrating on your Website

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