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SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Get SEO Training From Google  Certified  Experienced Trainer More Than 12 Year Of Experience.

The Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Course Training will transform you into an industry-ready marketing professional.

The 5 Step Framework To Get A High Paying SEO Job

How To Learn SEO Practically And Have Results To Show

How To Learn, Grow And Network With Like-Minded SEO Professionals

How To use SEO Tools And Resources

Become a SEO Specialist with Best SEO Training

Learn SEO Tools & Tips. Expert Trainer!

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Google Adwords ( PPC ) Pay Per Click

Get PPC Training From Google Adwords Certified PPC Experienced Trainer More Than 12 Year Of Experience.

The Advanced PPC Training Course will transform you into an industry-ready paid marketing professional.

The 5 Step Framework To Get A High Paying PPC Job

How To Learn PPC Practically And Have Results To Show

How To Learn, Grow And Network With Like-Minded PPC Professionals

How To use PPC Tools And Resources

The modules of the PPC Career Syllabus

Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Training

Become an industry-ready PPC specialist


Facebook Marketing ( Leads Generation )

Learn Facebook ads from Facebook Experts Couch Udaybir Dagar, including generating leads on Facebook, crafting a strategy, designing winning ad campaigns, measuring your success, and running ads.

The Advanced Facebook Training Course will transform you into an industry-ready paid marketing professional.
Training From Facebook Certified Experienced Trainer More Than 12 Year Of Experience.

There are five things to consider when you create an ad:

How would you like to grow your business?
What will the message of your ad be, and how will you convey it?
Who do you want to see your ad?
How much do you want to spend, and for how long?
Which account will you use to pay for your ads?

The 5 Step Framework To Get A High Paying Facebook Job

How To Learn Facebook Practically And Have Results To Show

How To Learn, Grow And Network With Like-Minded Facebook Professionals

How To use Facebook Tools And Resources

The modules of the Facebook Marketing Career Syllabus

Advanced Facebook Training

Become an industry-ready Facebook specialist


Instagram Marketing

Learn Instagram Marketing Certified  Experienced Trainer More Than 12 Year Of Experience.

It’s easy enough to use Instagram, but harder to use it successfully. Learn how to put together an Instagram marketing strategy that will make a real difference for your business. In this course, you’ll learn what a successful Instagram strategy looks like, how to develop and analyze Instagram content and how to promote that content with Instagram ads

What you’ll learn in  Instagram Marketing Master Class:

1. The Elements of a Successful Instagram Marketing Strategy
2. Creating Remarkable Instagram Content
3. How to Get More Instagram Followers
4. Setting Up Your Instagram Ads
5. Creating Remarkable Instagram Ad Content
6. Analyzing Your Instagram Ads

Google Analytics

Learn Google Analytics Certified Experienced Trainer More Than 12 Year Of Experience.
Learn how to set up a Google Analytics account and understand the metrics that help in boosting traffic & sales. Get all the information on how to track the performance of social media and marketing campaigns.

What you will learn in Google Analytics Master Class
Lesson 1- Introduction to Analytics
1.01 Introduction to Analytics
1.02 Getting Familiar with Google Merchandise Store
1.03 Creating Google Analytics Account
1.04 Accessing Google Analytics Data

Lesson 2- Navigating the Interface
2.01 Navigating the Interface
2.02 Understanding AABC Reporting Structure
2.03 Understanding Reporting Parameters
2.04 Creating Shortcuts to Customized Reports

Lesson 3– Advanced Table Filtering
3.01 Advanced Table Filtering
3.02 Applying Efficient Inline Analysis
3.03 Create Customized Reports with Selected Dimensions Metrics

Lesson 4- Creating Segments
4.01 Creating Segments
4.02 Using System Defined Segments
4.03 Customizing Segments
4.04 Advanced Segment Scope and Sequencing

Lesson 5- Multiple Goals and Goal Types
5.01 Multiple Goals and Goal Types
5.02 Defining Goals to Measure Success
5.03 Understanding Smart Goals
5.04 Applying Goals to Understand Economic Value

Lesson 6-Tracking Parameters Examples
6.01 Part 2 Tracking Parameters Examples
6.02 Part 2 Tracking Parameters in Different Scenarios
6.03 Part 2 Differentiating Marketing Activities
6.04 Part 2 Identifying Common Mistakes

Lesson 7- Tracking People
7.01 Tracking People
7.02 Introduction to User ID and User Metrics
7.03 Impact of User ID Feature on Reporting
7.04 Improve and Leverage User ID Feature

Lesson 8- Analyzing Marketing Effectiveness
8.01 Analyzing Marketing Effectiveness
8.02 Understanding Your Audience
8.03 Common Requests Related to Traffic Sources
8.04 Exploring Campaign Effectiveness

Lesson 9- Feature Rich Website
9.01 Feature Rich Website
9.02 Tracking Feature Rich Website
9.03 Onsite Search
9.04 Email Subscription

Lesson 10- E-commerce Tracking
10.01 E-commerce Tracking
10.02 Leveraging E-commerce Tracking Features
10.03 Remarketing Based on Shopping Behavior
10.04 Leveraging E-commerce Tracking Features on Non e-commerce Websites

Lesson 11- Dashboards with Data Studio
11.01 Dashboards with Data Studio
11.02 Introducing Data Studio
11.03 Applying Visualization
11.04 Extending Beyond Google Analytics

Lesson 12- Understanding Account Structure and Managing Users
12.01 Understanding Account Structure and Managing Users
12.02 Understanding Google Analytics Account Structure
12.03 Understanding Access Level Permissions
12.04 Applying Best Practices for Teams Agencies

Lesson 13- Quality Assurance
13.01 Quality Assurance
13.02 Identifying Google Analytics on the Page
13.03 Leveraging Google Tools to Improve Data Quality
13.04 Utilizing Third Party Tools for Quality Assurance and Audit

Why are you Confused?

You have decided to learn Digital Marketing and start a career in it, but soon get confused, overwhelmed and scared by it.

You have seen YouTube videos, massively consumed blog posts, and registered for every webinar, but still, you still don’t know how and where to start digital marketing.

Get 100% Live Project Training

You see the potential of a life-changing career in it but don’t know how or where to start.
Maybe you tried some cheap (or expensive) courses and got disappointed because they only teach you the basics and give you only theory.

They have zero practical experience.

On the other hand, wherever you go, companies are asking for practical experience with digital marketing. Not just blank certificates and degrees.

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🎯 Content marketing

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🎯 Facebook Marketing

🎯 Google Analytics

Meet Your Mentor-Udaybir Dagar

I’m a “Digital Marketing Business Automation coach. I build businesses online.

I’m on a mission to help 100,000 people live the Freedom lifestyle by Leveraging digital systems and tools.

I started helping businessmen, Students & entrepreneurs to use digital marketing in their career & their businesses to scale up.

I am working less time and am able to scale up the business because I implement the digital system and automate the business tasks.

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Digital Marketer

Information Products


Sales Professional


Network Marketing

Real Estate

Leads Generation

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Small Business

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Financial Business

Interior Designer

Non- Profits

This Is A 100% Live Practical Training Program Where You Will Learn By DOING yourself And Be professional- Within In 12 Weeks.

Trust me, you will learn & achieve more in 12 weeks than most people do in 10 years.

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Every week there will be a live Question & Answer session which you can attend if you have any doubts/queries regarding any Digital Marketing concepts or the assignments.

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